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The Pikey Happy Hour

February 28th, 2014
By: Maren Swanson


I used to visit the old Coaches and Horses bar in Hollywood often and part of me was kind of sad when it closed. It was my go-to dive bar. The dark wood, seedy booths and extremely dim lighting were an inviting combination of elements that embraced it's 70+ year old tenancy. I would play video trivia in the corner and sip on well drinks with friends, and I was never underdressed. The only part I found frustrating was the fact that they only had a cash bar and I forgot that most of the time.


So after a short grieving period following its close, I was ready to check out it's newly named spot, The Pikey. If you usually drive past The Pikey on Sunset, you may notice their small sign advertising happy hour 4pm - 6pm. Their website mentions that they serve only organic, local, farm produce, free range, cruelty-free meat and chicken - whoa, that's a mouthful. I had two questions: a) how the frig is their happy hour and b) how the heck was it different from the old Coach and Horses?



The Pikey, a British pub and cafe next to Samuel French (I accidently had typed Samuel Adams and had to fix it) bookstore, has a small patio with red and white striped awnings that are hung with circus-style light bulbs. When you walk in you have two choices: head the left for dining or to the right for drinking. We hit the right side for happy hour and I was surprised to notice that much our surroundings reminded me a lot of the old spot; still dark with the same booths but with a hint of class. It was a great first impression and I was stoked that they also took credit cards here.



The Pikey's happy hour menu is small, yet reasonably priced. Drink options include $3 PBR tall boys and Bud Light cans, $5 red and white wine by the glass, half price well drinks and $9 specialty cocktails. I ordered their house white to start and I really enjoyed it. I asked if it was a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and the bartender nodded yes, which meant it was the same glass they poured on their regular menu. I hate when bars pour you a cheaper (gross) happy hour version to save a few bucks. My boyfriend ordered a whiskey and Coke and let me know is was a good pour too.



For snacks, we tried the $4 pickled vegetables and $4 Welsh Rarebit. Not a big selection for happy hour food, but I LOVE pickled bar noshing snacks and I remembered that these were also organic, local and from the farm - nice. FYI, these picked vegetableas are intense and spicy! The Welsh Rarebit was made with bread, beer, cheddar cheese, chili and Worcestershire paste. It was heavy, salty and extremely naughty and the type of pub food I would expect to find in a British pub (I knifed and forked it).





We had planned on leaving at the 6pm point but decided to stay for some of their specialty cocktails since we had enjoyed the happy hour and the great service (the bartenders here are friendly and very knowledgable about the drinks). If you get a chance to sneak over to the other side, you will notice their very open kitchen with chefs working to prepare for the dinner service.


Because of my love for the previous joint, I ordered The Coach and Horses off of their cocktail menu. It made perfect sense; a drink combo served with a shot of Ancient Age Bourbon and PBR tall boy can. We also tried the Geezer: Old Overholt Rye, Vida Mescal, Old Fashioned Bitters, cinnamon, flamed orange and rocks - fantastic.



We liked this place. The Pikey in Hollywood kept a little bit of the old and gave homage to Coach and horses, but also added their own touch of sophistication with local and organic food, plus new craft cocktail options. There were studio execs and B list actors inside and now perhaps some new regulars at the bar - us.







The Pikey Cafe & Bar

7617 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 850-5400


Happy Hour:

Everyday, 4pm - 6pm




The Pikey on Urbanspoon








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