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"St. Felix"

by Tara Redfield

Dear Love,


Thursday night was the start of my weekend and I was ready to celebrate. Luckily, so was my friend Samantha, who was very enthusiastic about joining me on a happy hour adventure. I decided to take us to a place called St. Felix in the gut of West Hollywood. I about died the moment I opened the menu. Our sporty blonde and blue waiter, shame on me for not remembering his name, cooed to us, “You've never been here?! It's amaaaazing.” I believed him. From the looks of it, all of the sporty men believed him.

We sat on the outside patio giggle-shouting over one another, every time something fantastic caught our attention. All of the specialty cocktails half off! Just the names of the drinks were appealing enough, I didn't even need to know what was in them: The Firecracker, Cucumber Dilettante, Adam's Apple...I followed my first instinct and got the Firecracker. Blue eyes warned me it was hot, literally, jalepeno was a main ingredient. I told him I handled hot very well. Sam kept it cool with the Cucumber Dilettante.


The first round of drinks were taken care of and it was on to shopping for our tummies. Luckily, the happy hour snack selection was just the right size, not too many options to confuse us, but just enough for us to form opinions. A Kobe beef slider with a side order of sweet potato fries for five bucks! We were definitely getting that, as well as the ahi tuna slider, also served with sweet potato fries. Before blue eyes could set down the cocktails, our newest order was dripping off of our hungry tongues. He was going to have fun with us.


“Cheers,” our smiles said as we toasted each other. I took a sip of my Firecracker: Finlandia grapefruit vodka, fresh juice of lime, cranberry, and jalepeno, shaken. “It's actually liquid fire,” I whispered to Sam. Tasty liquid fire. Her Cucumber Dilettante was the opposite. I would describe it as liquid spring. Muddled cucumbers, dill, lemon juice and vodka. Cool and clean. We were both very happy.


“They look like adult happy meals,” I sighed, as blue eyes casually dropped down our burgers and fries. They were set so perfectly next to each other, cleanly displayed on white plates, that it was hard to want to destroy the picture! But, in a matter of seconds bite marks were the new details to the art work. The Kobe beef was exceptional. The meat and blue cheese melted together into a creamy juicy masterpiece. The fries were salted just enough and lightly crisped as my teeth came down. The ahi slider, could have used some more ahi, or maybe just a thicker slice, but it had amazing flavor under a sheet of cucumber, sesame salad.


Our chewing had stopped and our happy meals were gone, but we weren't. This time, we ordered the Moroccan chicken cups and the Cubano tacos and of course we needed another round of drinks! I went with the Adam's Apple; Stoli gala apple vodka, muddled blueberry and domain de canton ginger liqueur. Sam, kept it easy with another Cucumber Dilettante.The chicken cups and tacos were “amaaaazing” and so was the Adam's Apple. The shredded pork meat on the tacos was so sweet, it almost tasted caramelized. Yum. The Adam's Apple stole my heart. Apple, blueberry, and ginger are a few of my top favorite flavors and together in this cocktail they merged beautifully.


Sam and I looked at all of the empty plates, there wasn't a single bite left and all that remained of our refreshments were shrinking ice cubes; crystal clear indicators of a worth while happy hour. Praise St. Felix!