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Mirabelle on Sunset

By Tara Redfield


Dear Love,


I don't have the patience to describe the detailed events leading up to this past happy hour. I just want you to know how good it was for me. The size of the menu and what it had to offer...O. M. F. G. Plate after plate of mouth pleasuring bites, each one rich with fresh flavor. I just kept saying "Yes" over and over and over. I suppose you're quite interested now, in just where exactly this hot spot was. Mirabelle on Sunset.



Cheyenne and I took the farthest lounge booth from the bar. The small table was cleanly dressed in a white table cloth. Our veteran waiter, a native of France, couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful when it came to critical ordering decisions. "Above all you must try the Greek Meatballs," he coaxed. Out of a list of 16 different plates, all $5.00, we settled on Ahi Tuna Tartare, Rock Shrimp Tempura Lollipops, Flat Iron Steak Skewers, and the Greek Meatballs. We also threw in a side salad, though not on the happy hour menu, we felt we needed something green somewhere!


For all of you, dedicated drinkers, alcohol is not a featured addition to the happy hour menu, but the food is so great that I don't think it matters! I requested a glass of the Pinot Grigio, Mezza Corona from Italy and Cheyenne got a glass of the Merlot, J Lohr from Paso Robles.


Everything we ate delighted me, but, to give you a more specific taste in your mouth, as you read, I will elaborate on my favorites. The Ahi Tuna Tartare had a full and healthy taste. The tuna was cool and clean, letting the flavors of the avocado mousse be appreciated along with it. Delicious, healthy quality dishes are hard to argue with.


As mentioned earlier, The Greek Meatballs, did live up to expectations, surpassed them in fact. These ground lamb globes of meat served with feta cheese in a spicy red tomato broth, left me speechless, but not moanless. The sauce was what really did it. It was sublimely intense, as if made from tomatoes of the deepest red imported from a shepherd's garden in Athens. Hints of herbs I couldn't specify swam delicately in every bite. It was red sauce nirvana.


Oh, and before I forget to mention it, as our tongues were being entertained with food, our eyes and ears were entertained by Eddie Griffin as we watched him lure in two bad hair extentioned guppies from shallow waters.


Cheyenne graciously thanked our waiter in perfect French as we left Mirabelle, slowly coming down from the flavor high we had achieved. Someday I hope to meet a man that does everything to me that good food does!