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Dear Love,


Okay, so I kind of cheated this week. I was really excited to go to Craftbar, the pinky finger of renowned restaurant, Craft, in Century City, but, they don’t technically have a happy hour...but, they did have a wonderful menu of small plates averaging from $7- $9.00 a piece, which is the same as what some happy hours offer anyway, so I figured you wouldn’t mind. It may not have been an advertised Happy Hour to anyone else, but it was for me...and my drinker in crime, Cheyenne.

Parking is a bit of an obstacle course. The parking garage attendant literally gave us three minutes of instructions and we were still confused. Two levels down and three escalators up later, we arrived at Craftbar. The first words I coyly asked the host were, “You validate right?” Yes, they do, but it wasn’t the validation alone that made the obstacle worthwhile, in the end, it was the food.

MeatballsSurprise, surprise, once again, there were people we knew! A friend of ours from acting class, Kelly, escorted us to the outside patio. This girl has one of the brightest smiles you will ever see. We were thrilled to be in her care. After sitting down, Cheyenne recognized a fellow she also knew, he was serving that evening too. Los Angeles is getting smaller and smaller with each happy hour!

We got our wine at full menu price, because, as I said, this wasn’t a real happy hour but the food plates we ordered were entree priced quality, at the price of a starter. Hello, tummy, I would like for you to meet veal and ricotta meatballs, burrata and heirloom tomato flatbread and pork bellies with blueberry and jalepeno salsa. Not to mention, thanks to our friends, the complimentary white bean gazpacho and cinnamon-sugar beignets.

Pork BelliesEverything our mouths met was a pleasure. I know that veal is a little extreme for some individuals, but, wow, was it savory! The pork bellies, which I have been seeing on menus all over town, but had never tasted, were very rich...obviously, they are cubes of pig fat. They were good, but I could only handle a couple of bites. The blueberries and jalepenos were sweet-hot heaven.

The eye candy at Craftbar was pretty good too. Suits make nice wrappers. “He looks like a way hotter version of the Prince,” Cheyenne whispered to me as a young man and his parents walked by our patio table. “Prince who? Prince Charming!?” I exclaimed. “Prince Charming? Who are you? No! Prince William.” “Oooooh.” She was right. (No offense to her own charming boyfriend.)

With our free parking and five-star-snack filled selves we said our goodbyes and hoped we wouldn’t get lost on the way back to the car. I highly recommend this place for “make your own happy hour” because you are getting high end restaurant quality cuisine and service for a neighborhood bar price. In this economy we can drink to that!

xx, Tara