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STK Steakhouse – West Hollywood

by Maren Swanson



Dear Love,


I love hitting happy hour spots in my hood. If I get too happy, I don’t have to worry about driving home. Convenience is key. As I type this, I am enjoying a Vegas happy hour spot at the Encore for my friend Marissa’s birthday. It’s a “one-r,” one day of decadent fun in Vegas. So, as lady friends are bronzing themselves in the 99-degree sun, I am working, sort of. My Corona Light is keeping me company, and the clickety-click coos from the Roulette table are weakening my resistance.


Ok, focus! I’m here to talk about STK Steakhouse in West Hollywood on La Cienega. I’ve known for a while that STK has offered all-night happy hour on Sundays, but now they have extended their all-night happy hour from Sunday through Tuesdays!

My serial happy hour accomplice, Paul, and I have not hit our ritual happy hour in some time so we have some mad catching up to do. He always teases, “Do you happen to know of any great happy hour spots?”  I respond, “Well, I do know of this fabulous website called,!” I’m ready for some all-night action!


We arrive at STK around 6pm, and the weather is gorgeous. An open patio and an open flame greet us upon arrival at this restaurant row hot spot. The bar is slowly waking up and Russell the bartender offers us a HH cocktail. Ladies, warning: Russell looks as good as the HH deals offered on the STK menu (sorry, no pics).

I am famished and immediately throw in an order for the Shrimp Salad, Ahi Tuna Tartar and Truffle Parmesan Fries. I need more time to pahitunaick the perfect specialty cocktail so, I play it safe and order the house Chardonnay for now. Paul and I both agree that we love the Shrimp Salad. The crisp Romaine stalks are tossed in an adequate amount of dressing and adorned with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese, and the shrimp are jumbo and flavorful. The Tuna Tartar is small and simple, co hosted with lemons and soy sauce. In a last minute decision, I choose the Parmesan Truffle Fries because I love to nibble on salty bar food while I’m drinking. The fries are steak-cut; I’m talking Vegas-sized steak-cut. Two bites into one of them and I was full.  I think I like my fries LA size: super skinny!


martiniRussell the bartender has served me before and has the most radiant smile. 30 minutes into our HH, he hands me a very unique looking martini called, Green Intensity. The drink is not on the HH menu, but maybe Russel thinks I have a nice smile, too? Wow, this martini is awesome! Most bartenders assume that I’ll like sweet and super girly martinis. Wrong. Russell had read my martini aura and concocted a drink combining gin, basil and jalepeno.


I could get used to this. It was time to head to the next bar, but I knew I would be back soon. STK, I have a strong connection with you and I hope we can do this again - All Night Long!








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