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"La Boheme"

by Tara Redfield

Dear Love,


The weather in Los Angeles was summer perfection this past week and nothing sounded more relaxing than a Friday evening happy hour on a patio. A cool cocktail would be the ideal accessory to go with my new dress! I suggested, Cafe La Boheme, to my friend, Cheyenne. She texted back immediately, “Heard it has a great HH. Works for me : - )”. La Boheme it was.


I had an awkward amount of time to kill before meeting her, so I decided to walk around the shady sidewalks of West Hollywood and make some phone calls. How strange that I ended up in front of La Boheme’s outdoor posted menu so soon. I was impressed. “Half off all fun bites & sandwiches every day 5 to 7:30.” Great, it was 5:10 and I wasn’t meeting Cheyenne until 5:30. I think my stomach growled at me.


5:25 and I asked the hostess if I could take a seat outside, “My friend will be here soon!” I don’t know if she was convinced, but she seated me with a red menu anyway. Cheyenne arrived on time, hair half up, lips stained red. She explained her morning involved a headache and fruit punch, but she was ready to forget it over martini glasses and hors devours containing cheese. Cheers to that.


Picking a cocktail was easy, the 7 7 7 Martini list offered “7 martinis, 7 days a week, Just $7 each.” I tried my “7” luck on the Cucumber Martini, cucumber infused vodka and a splash of sweet & sour.” It was too much vodka and not enough infusion for my taste. Cheyenne ordered the Earth Goddess, veev acai spirit, pomari pomegranate liqueur, and sweet & sour. After one sip I wished I had too.

There were so many “fun bites” to choose from and I hadn’t eaten since 12:30, potentially a recipe for a mini-disaster. I would choose two things and she would choose two things. Filet mignon tacos and my favorites, bacon wrapped dates with blue cheese and pecan stuffing, were my choices. Cheyenne stuck to her word and went for the barbecue duck quesadilla and the four cheese mac & cheese.


One word to sum up our order? Rich. What do you expect? We are classy ladies with appetites. My standards were met, but not exceeded. The filet mignon tacos were my favorite, tender meat cooked just right. The quesadilla tasted great, but was too much flavor for a “fun bite.” The mac & cheese had a good combination of cheeses, yet I never did know exactly what cheeses they were. La Boheme’s bacon wrapped dates were more bacon than date. When done right, the two should balance each other out.

Just as I was ready to give La Boheme a four star rating, the check came back with an incorrect amount charged to my card. This is never pleasant. Cheyenne and I studied the bill. “I put in $30.00 cash,” she said. “I know, I saw you put down the twenty and two fives,” I replied. Come on mister, we hadn’t had that much to drink.

The waiter had left two cheery girls and had returned to two serious women. We explained the mis-charge and were only offered an argument! This guy didn’t want to budge on his judgement that there had been three five dollar bills. “Why don’t you check the register,” Cheyenne finally suggested. He did. Serious women 1, waiter 0. The incorrect charge still has yet to be removed from my card statement. Are the $7.00 martinis and fun bites worth it? I’ll let you know a year from now.