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By Tara Redfield


Dear Love,


Okay, I've known about Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar in Pasadena for about a year now and although it's my ultimate fantasy bar (they specialize in Champagne and Dessert for God's sake!) I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to get in my car and actually drive up the 110 to Pasadena. It just seemed like a lot of effort. West Hollywood has made me lazy. Thank goodness a worthwhile opportunity presented its lovely self: my girl, Jillian's 25th Birthday weekend extravaganza! I told her about Pop and she was more than willing to make the journey. I love that they host happy hour on traffic!


We invited a few others to join, but the only one who could pull it together was Samantha.The drive was incredibly easy and we found street parking directly in front of Pop's flirting glass doors. We were probably too excited about the Container Store that also waved to us from the next building over. Helen, the hostess, greeted us and took us to a large purple upholstered booth. The interior was clearly designed to comfort and luxuriate the hearts of women...or sick in love couples.


The champagne cocktails for happy hour were tops: Mimosa, Bellini, POP Royale, and Almond Joy! It was a Bellini for Jillian, POP Royale for Sam, and Almond Joy for me! We love champagne!


The food menu wasn't too bad itself. I was very impressed with the sophistication that went into it. We ordered the brie toast with chardonay soaked raisins (wha?!), the deviled eggs with truffle-chive, bacon-onion, bleu cheese and black forest ham with cheddar, the prosciutto wrapped shrimp with roasted garlic aioli, the parma prosciutto plate with medjool dates, figs, and melon, and finally the sun-dried tomato tap crostini with goat cheese and basil oil! What a mouthful (insert "that's what she said" joke here)!


The brie toast was the unanimous favorite among our palates. The creamy, sharp brie weaving into the slight spaces between sweet chardonnay bubbles disguised as raisins atop a crisp crostini was a collection of masterful taste. Seriously, kudos to the chef that put those edible treasures together!


After another round of cocktails we had finished every last bite and sat with sparkling grins. "Hey!" I said, "Let's go to the Container Store!" Buzzed shopping is maybe the most fun a girl can have, aside from a weekend with George Clooney...but, you get what I'm saying! Yes, the three of us are nerds who happen to be obsessed with Container Stores, so this was the best possible idea at the moment. Shock and agony caught up to us just as we met the Container Store doors...they closed at 7 on Sundays! Noooooo! Whatever, Forever 21 would have to do. Pop goes the bottle...then pop goes the wallet!






POP Champagne Bar

33 E Union St
Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 795-1295



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