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Komida - Happy Hour
by Tara Redfield



Dear Love,


I was having one of those days where it literally felt like I was living out of my car. I had taken two bags with me, in addition to my purse, when I left my house that morning. I had my laptop, camera, change of clothes, headshots, water bottles, snacks...I was prepared for a full day. Happy Hour was going to happen somewhere between an audition in the valley at 3:30 and work at 6.



I had to go somewhere in the West Hollywood/Hollywood area so I could be close enough to work to not have to worry about being stuck in Friday rush hour traffic. I called Mirele to see if she was still available to be my HH buddy. We brain stormed for about 10 minutes and she finally saved us by suggesting Komida, the Asian/Latin fusion restaurant that had opened walking distance from her apartment in Hollywood. Perfect. I parked in her garage at 4:30 and we walked to Komida.


With only an hour exactly to get happy, I was really cutting it close. Happy Hour didn't actually start until 5, but lucky for us we got to start early. The offerings were simple, but good. With Chicken Satay Tacos for $2.00, Short Rib Tacos for $3.00 and a pitcher of Lychee Sangria Blanko for $15.00 we were off to a good start. The regular menu items looked so good too, we had to stray. We added the Duck Confit Taco and The Quinoa Salad.



The pitcher was huge! There were easily 5 glasses of sangria in that thing! It was very unfair that I had to be at work at 6. I had to be a good girl and let Mirele have most of the fun. The food began to arrive at our table in little brown cardboard boxes. I liked the taco stand feel, even though I was sitting inside a spacious bar.


The food was amazing. Strong flavors and fresh ingredients. This fusion was working. I was greatly impressed with the add ons. Wasabi guacamole? Hello! Ginger Salsa? Oh yes! Pickled Jalepeno Peppers? Please! All of the tacos were delicious, but the Duck Confit was my favorite. It's hard to have duck go wrong, but on this taco it was exquisite. Mirele had eaten the tacos before at the Yamashiro Farmers Market, so she knew what to expect. Now I know why these tacos won "Best Tacos in Town" at the Taste LA festival this past September! Good to know you can now get them all year round.



The bummer was that I didn't have time to fully enjoy my experience since I was watching the clock. When it was 5:30 we had to throw back our last drops of sangria so I could get to work on time. I only had one glass, promise. I will say that going to happy hour before going to work was quite ironic and I kinda loved it. Komida is well worth getting to, despite it's location being off of the Hollywood strip and not the easiest to get to (unless you're like Mirele and basically live next door). This place is "East meets West and it tastes delicious."








17 N. Orange Drive
Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 466-5124



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