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Duke's Happy Hour - Malibu

By Tara Redfield



Dear Love,


I am very good at keeping myself busy. Even on my days off I'm "working" on something. When I really do take a day off, it's because I had to talk myself into it...and it takes a lot of talking, believe me. This week's argument was that it's Summer. That's a pretty good one. It's the middle of July and I haven't been to the beach yet? Yikes! That's one of the biggest perks of living in Souther California, the beach days. It was time to make a date with the pacific coast line and why not add a Malibu Happy Hour in there too? Done.


Brooke came along for my official "beach adventure day." It was the most perfect beach day ever. The sky was as clear as it could be, even the smog was barely noticeable! We spread out a big red sheet, stripped down to our bikinis, put on the sunscreen, got out the snacks and books and enjoyed.


"Where should we go for happy hour?" Brooke asked. "Do you think Duke's has a happy hour?" I replied. Brooke quickly got out her iphone and looked it up. They did have a happy hour (well, "Aloha Hour" to be specific). "They also do Taco Tuesday, with fish tacos for $2.50." Fish tacos sounded tasty! We wrapped up the towels at 4:00...Aloha Hour was calling!


The drive up the coast was stunning. God, it was a beautiful day! We got to Duke's and parked on the street. We found two seats at the Barefoot Bar next to an older gentleman wearing a yellow polo t-shirt and a captain's hat. Nice. We started with two waters and one fish taco a piece. Andrew the bartender asked if we wanted them grilled or battered...battered. Yum.



We looked at other items on the Aloha Hour menu, but the fish tacos were so good, we decided to stick with them, but add an order of waffle cut fries to share. The drink special of the hour was Modelo Beer for $4.00. Hmmm, Modelo, not one of my faves. I had to see what the cocktail situation was, Aloha Hour or not. Mai Tai or Malibu Cooler? Both had rum, (which I am very into right now) but the Malibu Cooler was fruity and sounded more refreshing. Turns out I had been given an old menu and they didn't make the Malibu Cooler anymore! Good thing I'm me, Andrew made an exception.


First of all, the fish tacos were incredible. I'm going to say the best I've ever had outside of Mexico. The fish was so fresh encased in the perfect layer of battered crispiness. They were so big! Two tacos were plenty! Secondly, the waffle cut fries were just as incredible. We dipped them in ranch and I will never forget them. No wonder, Garreth, the Captain, who didn't actually own a boat, came here every Tuesday!


The crowd was nearly all parts regulars, maybe some parts tourists. The bartenders knew almost everyone by name and asked if they were having the usual. Oh, and I can't forget to tell you about the view!

Large glass windows made the ocean look almost touchable. The ocean and sky were separated only by green swells and white strings of bubbles, pelicans diving into both. This was happiness and I had only Malibu to thank. It had truly been the beach day of my dreams. I'm already thinking about going back again next Tuesday. Uh oh, I think I can feel a new obsession coming on! Aloha!





Duke's Malibu

(310) 317-0777

6506 Westward Beach Rd
Malibu, CA 90265



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