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Birds Cafe - Happy Hour

by Rachel Forman



Dear Love,


I've done some serious happy hour recon. Found a place that has THREE HAPPY HOURS, so I took one for the team and checked them all out. (You're welcome.) The Hollywood café by day, bar by night is called Birds. My friend Dana and I stopped by the 4-6 PM daily H.H. to enjoy their $3 beer, well drinks, and house wine. I swear, this was the quaintest happy hour I have ever been to; with a 12-year-old boy in an owl costume (mind you, still a week before Halloween) to my left and two adorable old bingo pals to my right, the place really felt like a neighborhood joint. Out on the patio, Dana ordered the cider and I the house Cabernet. We were bummed to discover there was no happy hour food menu, but you can't really complain when the drinks are practically free. And on top of that, the parking was great. Very mellow and very reasonable. The perfect atmosphere for catching up with an old friend.



One down, two to go. My friend Pilar and I stopped by the late night happy hour that Birds hosts Tuesday – Thursday, 11 PM – Midnight. Half price on EVERYTHING. Umm, yes please! I went on a Wednesday, sort of expecting to be disappointed. Who goes out on Wednesday, right? WRONG. The place was bumpin'! And the Halloween decorations (who can hate a bar that loves holidays?!) were even creepier in the nighttime, reddish light. Pilar and I snagged a table inside, along with two $3 whiskey gingers, and commenced the age-old Hollywood pastime of people-watching. To our left was some chick pretending she didn't want to be noticed. That's the only reason you wear a BASEBALL CAP, INDOORS, at 11 PM, isn't it? While I eyed our celebri-wannabe, my friend Pilar got hit on by a 35-year-old Jamaican with dreads. Ahhh, Hollywood. Crossroads of the World. Overall, great (and cheap) drinks, impressive turnout, and perfect music/crowd combo for those shameless, late-night, bar-wide sing-alongs. Downside: parking was a mild nightmare (although $6 valet is available) and the kitchen closes at 11, so no munchies to accompany our cheap-o drinks!



Last, but not least, my two favorite words: LADIES' NIGHT!!! Every Friday from 11 PM – Close. In short, prepare to get swooped on. Maybe it's because we were lookin' super fly and homie wanted to tap that; maybe it's because everything on the menu is HALF OFF FOR THE LADIES, and some cheap dudes were trying to mooch off our God-given discount. Regardless, it was a perfect night to get reasonably glammed up and head out with the girlfriends. I threw back a few $5 Dutch Martinis: Ketel 1 Vodka, Raspberry Liquer, & Pineapple Juice. Flirty and dangerous, like a classy Jungle Juice that you paid for at a legitimate establishment instead of ladling out of a bucket in the back room of your brother's frat house. In retrospect, we probably should have cabbed it or hit up the valet, because parking was not a treat. But the night was absolutely worth it: throwback 90s music, women dancing on tables, seriously discounted drinks. Birds has got a foolproof plan: lure the ladies with the promise of cheap drinks; lure the men with the promise of ladies. Now that's a recipe for an awesome night.





Birds Cafe
5925 Franklin Avenue
CA 90028

(323) 465 0175



Daily: 4 – 6 PM ($3 Beer, House Wine, Well Drinks)
Tues/Wed/Thurs: 11 PM – Midnight (½ Price on Everything)
Friday, Ladies' Night: 11 PM – Close (Ladies Drink ½ Price)