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Copa D'oro - Happy Hour

By Tara Redfield


Dear Love,


Santa Monica. Summer. Happy Hour. Three things that go extremely well together. I couldn't help but be disappointed in myself for letting this trio slide by my activities list through June, July, and nearly all of August. It's a chore of a drive from West Hollywood to the West Side, but when the lanes of traffic start moving as smoothly as a shot of Patron, and the cooler air refreshes your cranky hot skin, it's so worth it.


I walked into Copa D'Oro around 6:15. It's open door kissed the sidewalk between Ocean and 2nd off of Broadway. I walked into a shady grove of tall round tables and stools where Jon, a friend in need of a happy hour, still in the shock of a recent break-up, was waiting. He seemed a little nervous as he jumped to his feet for an open armed greeting, after all, it was his first happy hour...with me.



I explained to him how it was going to work. "We order drinks and a couple of menu items and share!" Luckily for me, Jon was not at all picky and let me do the deciding.


I was insanely thrilled with my cocktail choices. These were classic, beautiful cocktails on the menu, the ones you see at swanky hipster retro bars for $16.00..and here we were in breezy Santa Monica about to sip them for $5.00! Moscow Mule, Pisco Sour, French 75, Diablo, Mojito, Manhattan, South Side, Ward Eight and others that you will have to see for yourself. Jon went Ward Eight while I went Diablo. Cheeeeeeers.


The bite selection, was a long list of "Petite Paninis." Do I love paninis! This is where a true professional of ordering would really need to focus, and I did. There were many different cheese and meat and vegetable marriages to analyze. Jon trusted me and I trusted my gut. The final verdict was the salami and artichoke, with salami, hearts of artichoke creamed with cow and goat's milk gorgonzola and mixed greens. I also had a good feeling about the roasted tomato and ricotta, with herb roasted cherry tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil and fresh cow's milk ricotta.



Given the title "Petite Paninis" these certainly were not. They were actually the perfect size for us to comfortably enjoy both halves of each. Both were filling, cleverly delicious, and fancy...exactly how I like 'em!


Jon was happy to get out of the house, sip and eat up some distractions, and I was happy to introduce a friend to the wonders of happy hour! The Copa D'oro experience met it's english translation: Cup of Gold!






Copa d' Oro

217 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 576-3030



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