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"The Cat & Fiddle"
by Maren Swanson


Dear Love,


Getting something wonderful twice in one night is always great. So, hats off to The Cat & Fiddle for providing just that. My friend and I checked out their late night happy hour on Thursday night to explore this economical enticement. Their HH is Monday-Friday, 4-7 pm and 10-11 pm. Draft, wine and wells are $3.50.


We got there pre-late-night happy hour, around 9:30, and sat at a table (we promised to order food.) The patio was lively, hosting a bustling bunch of beer drinkers and light-filled trees. I started with a $9 glass of Chardonnay the waitress suggested and my friend with a draft beer. We requested a light dish to nibble on so she sent a medley plate of cheddar cheese, blue cheese, olives, pickled onions and apples. In it's entirety, the collection of nibblies didn't quite satisy us, so we decided to order as traditional Englishmen might: chicken and mushroom pie. The Cat & Fiddle is reminiscent of a English Pub, so I was excited to also see bangers and mash on the menu! The chicken and mushroom pie was hearty and simple; it was no masterpiece, but I really liked the a la carte side of lemon asparagus we decided to add on.


At ten-o clock' on the dot, a loud chime resonated through the courtyard and the security guy hollered, "it's happy hour time!" Now we're talking. I had a 1 hour window to order as many reduced price drinks as possible. Even though I loved my current glass of wine, I knew I was obligated to try their $3.50 glass of house white wine; swirl, sip - not bad, considering you cost me $5.50 less than my other glass.


The hour's almost up. Looks like this HH Cinderella needs to hurry up and order another drink before these great prices disappear. Not too much though, or my fellow prince may need to carry me home…