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Oliver Cafe - Happy Hour

by Tara Redfield


Dear Love,



Usually when a friend of mine is running late, I sit in silent boredom, mindlessly scrolling through apps on my phone, trying to convince myself that my time isn't being wasted. Luckily, at my latest happy hour at Oliver Cafe, at the LA Sports Club in Beverly Hills, I was prepared and it was actually pretty relaxing.


Samantha was going to call me when she got out of her casting assistant job at 7pm. I made sure to find a late-running Happy Hour close to her office. Oliver Cafe had just what we needed, the perfect location and Happy Hour from 4pm to close!



Sam got held up until 8, but I wasn't annoyed. I sat on Oliver's twinkly-lit patio with a Drama Queen (rum, peach schnapps, 7-up and orange juice), one of their specialty HH cocktails, an order of avocado and brie bruschetta, and my latest literature fix, Spiced by Dalia Jurgensen. To make my solo time better, it had been a beautifully warm day and even though the sun was going down my bare shoulders were comfortable in the 80 degree air.


The waitress was very kind, checking in on me at appropriate times and when Sam finally arrived she was happy to accommodate us quickly. Sam profusely apologized for her tardiness. I assured her that I had been having a pleasant time and wasn't upset. She was starving and very much in need of a drink. She trusted me to do some ordering before she arrived, so waiting for us were chicken enchiladas and Thai-peanut chicken satay. Oh and an Oliver Bomb (vodka, bourbon, peach schnapps, blue curacoa, 7-up, soda and triple sec) to calm Sam's work rush.



The chicken enchiladas were served with a side of beans and rice, this was a nice surprise. I thought they were good! Not the best I've ever had, but for a happy hour plate, they really hit the spot. The chicken satay was good too and the serving size was generous as six skewers sat drenched in spicy peanut sauce on a white plate.


We were still hungry and in the mood to linger. The happy hour went all night, so why not relax and enjoy it fully? There were still plates to try from the menu so we got a round of tuna tartare on crispy wantons and shrimp dim sum. The shrimp dim sum was highly recommended by our waitress. Our glasses were empty too...a Pama Luca Caipirinha for me (rum, pomegranate liqueur, and simple syrup with lime) and a Happy Mojito for Sam (you should know what's in a mojito). The warm air was staying and so were we!



The shrimp dim sum was, in fact, delicious. It was the best thing on the menu. The warm steamed dumplings filled with soft buttery shrimp popped into our mouths like edible pillows. They disappeared quickly!


Five plates (don't forget the avocado and brie bruschetta) and two drinks a piece later, we still weren't done. This was an evening that called for dessert, even if it wasn't on the HH menu! Chocolate Cappuccino Cake? Absolutely!


The night at Oliver Cafe ended with Sam and I in complete hysterical laughter surrounded by crumb sprinkles and melted ice cubes. Yeah, it was a good night.




*Sports Club LA has recently been acquired by Equinox as of last week.


Oliver Cafe

(310) 473-1447

1835 S Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90025