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El Chavito (El Chavo) - Happy Hour - Silver Lake

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf

February 18th, 2013





Earlier in the month my husband and I were invited to the Los Angeles premier of Kumpania, a documentary film that profiles select artists working in the LA Flamenco scene. We were both coming from opposite sides of the city so in typical LA fashion, we drove separately and agreed to meet up for drinks first so that we could arrive at the screening together. I suggested Happy Hour at El Chavito in Silver Lake. This bar is housed in what I am choosing to call the "El Chavo Complex" because it is a traditional mexican restaurant, a trendy cocktail bar and a boutique Hotel called El Tres Inn and cleverly referred to as a Bed and Beverage, all in one brightly painted building where Sunset, Hollywood and Virgil intersect.


I arrived first and sat myself at the end of the bar facing the door. The dim lights and colorful ambiance of El Chavito was inviting. I ordered a house margarita on the rocks and anticipating my date’s arrival, I let myself be seduced by the sexy Jazz music which filtered in through the speakers and wafted over the white noise that bar chatter sooner or later becomes. Half an hour later and still alone at the bar because of traffic, I ordered my second $4 margarita and began to pick at my chips and salsa. The salsa was spicy, the chips perfectly crispy and when the basket was empty I began to wonder why my husband was still not there, but more importantly, why had no one tried to pick up on me at the bar? I was a woman drinking alone, dressed for a night out, looking and feeling good. In this particular bar full of men obviously enjoying an after work drink though, not one had so much as looked at me.





I am recently married so I began to panic thinking that perhaps in the process of going from fiancé to wife I had lost my mojo or was somehow marked territory and men could sense to stay away or expect trouble. I decided that if I had lost my mojo I had a right to know, so I looked around the bar at the groups of men gathered and locked eyes with a few in close proximity just to test out my rusty flirty glances. That’s when I realized that most of the patrons at this bar were attractive, stylish, well groomed, Latin gay men. I instantly felt better about myself and chuckled at the fact that I had not noticed this upon arriving.





My husband walked through El Chavito’s doors soon thereafter and I told him how I had thought I had lost my mojo. He laughed at me for being oblivious to my surroundings, (which happens quite often), and we ordered more margaritas, my third and his first. They make really strong yet tasty margaritas and I could not resist over indulging. We also got a refill on the chips and salsa and picked some food items from their Happy Hour menu which goes from 5pm to 9pm, Monday through Friday. We shared a fresh bowl of guacamole on special for $7 and ordered some $3 tacos. El Chavito also has quesadillas, tamales and nachos on the Happy Hour menu which can be prepared to satisfy vegetarians and meat eaters alike. By the time we left for the documentary premier, we were both tipsy and stuffed; not a bad way to continue a date.




Xo Xo,






El Chavito (El Chavo)

4441 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 664-0871


Happy Hour:

Nightly 5pm - 9pm
$3 Cans of Beer, $4.00 Well Drinks and Margaritas
Wednesday Happy Hour All Night





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