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Susan Feniger's Street

By Tara Redfield


Dear Love,


I think that all happy hours should feel like a mini vacation. For that amount of time, when you are sitting at a bar, it should feel like you are taking a breath of fresh air. I found this feeling to exist on Highland Avenue at Susan Feniger's Street. This most recent happy hour destination was a recommendation from my occasional happy hour friend, Jillian, who you may remember from Baby Blue's. You are keeping up with me, right? This past week she suggested Susan Feniger's Street. She hadn't been herself, but had heard very good words from others. She described the food as being "international street food" themed...well then, Hola, Bonjour and Hello!


I invited Jillian and two other friends, Samantha (St. Felix, Waterloo & City) and Laura, to join me. It was a Thursday night, almost the end of a never ending week. I had been tutoring 1st grade children in Korea Town every day for two hours. I know that two hours sounds like nothing, but believe me, these kids are intense! Especially Rachel, who made it very clear to me that she, "hates fruit snacks." That's another story, but let's just say that "Tara Teacher" was more than deserving of a Thursday evening cocktail!


I sent a mass text to the ladies, "street at 6:30" and irony responded. Jillian had a rehearsal and couldn't make it. I was bummed since it was her idea in the first place! I would certainly have a drink and plenty of snacks in her honor!



After parking a few blocks away, because as you know parking in Hollywood sucks, I met Samantha at the bar. This girl wastes no time, she was sitting solo and already making good use of her cocktail straw. I couldn't wait to order! A Cuba Libre for me!That's real Coca-Cola from Mexico out of the glass bottle, Rum and Lime Juice. Simple and to the point.



Laura arrived just in time for us to get our food orders in before the death of happy hour at 7pm! We were cutting it close at 6:56. Oh, boy...Pulled Pork Sliders, Herb Cheese stuffed Red Peppers, Beef Brisket Tacos, Tempura Mushrooms, and Sweet and Spicy Popcorn. The variety of the menu was effortlessly enjoyed by vegetarian Laura and myself the carnivore...and Sam likes everything, so we were all set.


The plates could easily be described with two of my favorite words: Huge and Delicious. The taco, for example, had enough meat in it to have made three tacos. Three tacos for the price of one happy hour taco? Best Deal Ever. The cheese stuffed peppers were incredible too. The cheese was warm and melty and the herbs complemented the sweet spice of the grilled pepper. If I had been alone, I would've put away the whole plate myself. They were so pop-in-your-mouth-able!


What I also enjoyed about "Street" was the colorful decor and city-neighborhood feel. I could have been in any city in the world. Bright paintings welcome you from warm wooden paneled walls and an overall sense that, for a moment you are escaping from your daily routine to an exotic location far away, falls over you. The bar is very alive in a fresh and inspiring way.


Susan Feniger's Street is now on my list of favorite happy hours...shared only with Chaya Downtown and Katsuya. It's an exclusive list, but I gladly place "Street" on it. If you ever feel like taking me, I would be happy to escape with you!







742 N. Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038

(323) 203-0500




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