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Dear Love,


At our last happy hour together, Cheyenne had mentioned how I, "Absolutely had to go to Katsuya Hollywood for happy hour." I love Katsuya, but had no idea that they had a happy hour. This was good news to me. The only thing that really mattered was if they had the spicy tuna on crispy rice on the HH menu or not...I had to investigate.

Happy hours that are a walkable distance from my apartment automatically get a gold star and my hopes for Katsuya were already five-stars high. I arrived alone, but Cheyenne and her boyfriend Matt were meeting me soon. Ironically I wasn't so alone. The hostess and I recognized each other right away, she used to work at my gym. She let me know that all of the seating at the bar was full, but that a couple should be getting up in a minute.


I patiently waited. Well, scanned facebook updates on my blackberry to be exact. The couple got up and I took a seat for myself and saved the other with my purse. Just as the bartender handed me three different HH menus I heard a pleasant voice, "Tara, Hi!" It was a classmate of mine, another Samantha! She asked if I was "on the job" and then offered me a sip of her grapefruit martini. Lovely girl.


The bartender recommended the Watermelon Cucumber Mojito, one of the summer HH specials ($7). Before I knew it there was a tall, pale pink cocktail, adorned with watermelon and cucumber slices the size of Christmas tree ornaments in front of my face. Fruity enough to sip easily and stiff enough for me to greet Cheyenne and Matt with a, "Heeeeey you guys! This drink is ahhh-mazing! Do you know Samantha?" and actually, they did.


My good company was taken care, back to the menus. The three I had to look at were: the cocktail menu, the small plates menu, and the "7" menu. Happy Hours are a big fan of this number and yes, everything on it was...$7.


Spicy tuna on crispy rice?! Done. I ordered that, creamy rock shrimp tempura, and edamame hummus with sesame pita chips--how creative! If you've never had the spicy tuna on crispy rice at any of the Katsuya locations you have two options: do it now or get out of town. Seriously, even my mother who doesn't eat sushi thinks it's incredible. The rock shrimp tempura is very good too, hard-to-put-the-fork-down good.
The edamame hummus? Wow. It looked like guacamole, with thick slices of cherry tomatoes placed neatly throughout the creamy mixture. I can't exactly explain the flavor. It was like traditional hummus, but a little sweeter. I think you should try it for yourself.


After we triple checked the bill, I thanked Cheyenne for the fabulous recommendation, then asked if she and Matt wouldn't mind driving me home. Not because I was too drunk to walk, but because I was too full. It's very comforting to know that my favorite sushi restaurant can now be one of my favorite happy hours too. I love it when expectations are met.