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National Margarita Day at the Bar at Cliff’s Edge

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf

March 4th, 2013



Twitter told me that it was national Margarita Day on Friday and I listened, planning my night out accordingly. After all, being the libation loving woman that I am, it was only fitting for me to partake in the celebration.





Friday night took me to the bar at Cliff’s Edge on Sunset Blvd. I had been to the restaurant for dinner in the past and had been thoroughly impressed by the romantic setting and the amazing food, but had never so much as noticed the bar. I realize that Cliff’s Edge is not the first bar that comes to mind when thinking about margaritas. It is not even on the radar for any margarita loving patrons, but what sold me was the fact that I would be starting my night out too late for traditional Happy Hour and this particular bar offers nightly specials that run until closing time. They have $3 beers, $6 red/white wine and $7 specialty cocktails which I took full advantage of.


The bar was difficult to find and I actually drove past it twice. When I finally found it though there was plenty of street parking and soon enough I was in this dimly lit bar that I would describe as unpretentious chic; alongside bar goers who I would consider to be established "L.A." (in that they were in their late 30’s and 40’s, comfortable with themselves and not broadcasting who they are or what they do). The bar was classy yet cool. There was a film projected onto a blank wall, chandeliers with colorful beads and crystals hanging, and indie atmospheric music playing at a volume that was audible but still conducive to conversation.





We settled down at the bar and in honor of Margarita Day, I ordered their specialty cocktail of the night, a blood orange margarita. It was made in front of us with fresh blood oranges turning it a crimson color, served in a salt rimmed glass and on the rocks with a floating lemon wedge. This margarita was tasty and so fresh it almost felt healthy. My companion had a margarita as well so we did not get a chance taste any of Cliff’s Edge $3 beers on tap as we initially intended. We did share a meal though, giving us the opportunity to sample not just their drinks but also their food.


We split fried brussels sprouts with hazelnuts and yogurt and a black kale salad which tasted a great deal like it was topped with a cheesy, mustardy, ceasar dressing. My companion moved on to an entrée while I skipped dinner altogether and went straight for dessert. He had bay scallops and I discovered my new favorite dessert, caramel custard topped with sea salt brittle and served with a butterscotch shortbread cookie. At the end of the night, inspired by the overall refined atmosphere of the bar, we sipped on Talisker 10.





Turns out the only items on special during the night are the drinks. That is the catch. One enters the bar expecting late night happy hour, the effect of well made, relatively inexpensive drinks lead one to be enticed by the food, and then after a wonderful time, the bill arrives and the shock of it kills one’s happy buzz. I would recommend the bar at Cliff’s Edge as a great place to start or end a calm and quiet evening, for people who enjoy fancy cocktails in a sophisticated setting. But the next time Twitter tells me it is a national holiday, I will definitely ask it where I should celebrate with two pre-requisites in mind: Good drinks, (which Cliff’s Edge did have), and easy on the wallet, (which Cliff’s Edge was not).









Cliff's Edge

3626 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 666-6116



Happy Hour:

All Night
$3 Beer, $6 Wine, $7 Bartender's Special

Thursdays: Oyster Night - $1 Oysters, 6pm - 7pm




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