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Pour Play: What's Shakin' in Cocktail Couture

New Summer Cocktail Menu at Terrine in Los Angeles.

By Maren Swanson • July 27th, 2015
Mixologists, Troy Burgos and Ryan Wainright, at Terrine in Los Angeles, California.

I finally made it to Terrine the other day to try their new line-up of summer cocktails. I would have made it the week prior for Bastille Day, but my computer shut down while making a reservation on OpenTable and the rest was history. It was an opportunity lost, but luckily, I returned with a strengthened interest in the Beverly Boulevard located restaurant. I had also just returned from a summer trip to Paris, France, so the whole excursion seemed sort of destined to me.

When I think of French food, I usually envision a Croque Monsieur or Madame, escargot, buttery goodness and definitely wine. French craft cocktails, however, seemed like a foreign concept to me.

The cocktail program at Terrine is lead by Ryan Wainright (just returned from TOTC), who’s lastest cocktail menu at Terrine takes a simple approach to seasonality and focuses on summer drinks, with the addition of some classic cocktails and a few new ones of his own. He, and fellow cocktail collaborator, Troy Burgos, take pride in creating a libation gallery filled with housemade syrups, brandies and other ingredients.

Terrine Restaurant in Los Angeles, Califonia.
Troy Burgos
Cocktails at Terrine restaurant in Los Angeles, California.
Wainright, previously at Tasting Kitchen in Venice, has designed the new Terrine summer cocktail list with four categories in mind: Bubbly and Refreshing, Crisp and Clean, Smooth and Elegant and Dark and Aromatic. The imbiber can start with the lighter options at the top and drink their way down to the heavier, yet still “summer friendly” ones near the bottom. P.S. the antique glassware the mixologists use at Terrine is all part of the Parisian show. Here’s a peak at his new collection of summer cocktails...

The Summer Cocktail Menu at Terrine.

Gin and Tonic – It may just look like your average Gin and Tonic, but this classic favorite is made with Aviation Gin, housemade grapefruit and chamomile tonic.

The Blackberry Fizz Cocktail at Terrine restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

Blackberry Fizz - You’re still sticking to the lighter side of drinks with this one, but the blackberry, unfiltered Belvedere vodka, Mandarine Napolean (10-year Aged Cognac), lemon and soda make the Blackberry Fizz a beautiful combination of flavors.

Kentucky Spirit - This one was my favorite. Eagle Rare Bourbon, lime, housemade crème de menthe and ginger blend together perfectly to create a refreshing, bright and slighty creamy sip.

The Kentucky Spirit cocktail at Terrine restaurant in Los Angeles, California.
The Dunderado Cocktail on Terrine's Summer Cocktail Menu.

The Bell Garden - Tapatio Tequila, grapefruit, lime and Cocchi Americano – for those of you that like it on the citrusy side.

Dunderado – A unique marriage of Tanqueray Old Tom, Carpano, Cocchi Vermouth and Calisaya…the flavors just work.

Blind Respect Cocktail at Terrine restaurant in Los Angeles, California.
Mr. Menotti’s Cold Coffee Grog at Terrine restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

Blood & Sands Cocktail – Dewars 15, housemade cherry brandy (try this on it’s own, too), Cinzano 1757, Carpano and orange juice.

Blind Respect – Ryan referred to this cocktail as “a dude’s summer drink.” Based on a drink his past mentor created named The Blind Owl, the new Blind Respect is sort of a Manhattan-style summer concoction made with Wild Turkey 101, Rittenhouse, Lazzaaroni Amaro, Amaro Abano and Maraschino.

Mr. Menotti’s Cold Coffee Grog – It's the perfect, not-too-sweet, pick-me-up, rum-filled cocktail made with Chairman’s Spiced Rum, Atlantico Rum, Skippers Rum, cold brew coffee, vanilla, Fernet-infused whipped cream.


8265 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone:(323) 746-5130

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