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Fire-roasted Hatch Chili Pico de Gallo (recipe).

By: Maren Swanson • August 28th, 2017
Fire-roasted Hatch Chili Pico de Gallo

It’s a burner today! As labor day weekend nears, Los Angeles is as warm as it has ever been this week with a four-day heatwave. Therefore, I’m back to no-bake recipes that don’t require turning on my "radiator" of an antique stove; it’s amazing actually, but I’m better off not turning the knob on at all. With that being said, I went straight to my Monday Melrose Farmers Market this morning with the intent of embracing the rest of what summer has to offer – the seasonal best!

Fire-roasted Hatch Chili Pico de Gallo

One of my new favorite seasonal ingredients of summer is the Hatch Chile. Hatch Chilies are grown in Hatch, New Mexico, and they come rolling into my neighborhood grocery stores around the beginning of August every year. They look similar to Anaheim chilies (light green in color), are very affordable and can range from mild to spicy in heat. Luckily, the Gelson’s I picked mine up at had them separated so I could tell which ones were mild vs. spicy. Two big Hatch Chilies cost me 42 cents and you can probably get them for even cheaper.

I’ve created a new Hatch Chili recipe I think you’ll love – Fire-roasted Hatch Chili Pico de Gallo! This spin on your traditional pico de gallo salsa is delicious and the whole recipe cost under $3 – believe it. One of my favorite parts of this pico de gallo are the fire-roasted peppers I used. No grill? No problem. Char the outside of your chilies with the fire from your gas grill turned on low. Rotate your Hatch Chili on the stove top and evenly cook its exterior. Once completely charred, remove it from the heat and cool, then remove the outer skin with a paper towel.

So apparently Hatch Chilies are becoming so trendy that they even made a wine with it??!! No, I didn't buy it, but my curiousity may get the best of me...

Hatch Chili Wine

My Hatch Chili Pico de Gallo is great with tortilla chips or ala tacos. Just give it try – especially if you happen to find Hatch Chilies at your grocery store!

Fire-roasted Hatch Chili Pico de Gallo (recipe)

Fire-roasted Hatch Chili Pico de Gallo

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