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“Brandy Shandy”



It’s that time of the year when I start playing Will Smith’s Summertime jam on my IPOD. I schedule my yearly tanning bed appointment – I’m very fair so I need a base tan or I walk through the streets of LA and resemble a freshly boiled lobster. My toe nail polish gets a shade brighter and my electricity bill starts to freak me out. Why? It’s summertime!



Brandy Shandy Video Recipe




I’ve begun to adapt to the changing season and appropriately, I’ve created some fresh, new cocktails that will start your summer off right!
My latest cocktail creation is The Brandy Shandy. I actually used ingredients I found in my fridge and the planter outside my apartment to make my twist on a brandy old-fashioned. This drink is the perfect prop for those warm days on your patio or porch.


Shandys are a new trend; basically take beer and add lemonade, citrus-flavored soda or ginger beer. In our case, we are stepping it up a notch and adding some brandy. I also like using seasonal fruit, like oranges or clementines because they are abundant, fresh and affordable.




You will need brandy, orange or Clementine slices, thyme, raspberry preserves, low-calorie lemonade and a wheat beer with citrus notes (Sam Adam’s Spring Ale, Alagash White Ale, Shock Top, Hitachino or Blue Moon for example). Plus, you will use part of the ingredients you have to create some great looking garnishes.





Like I mentioned before, most of these ingredients will probably be in your fridge or even at your local 99cent stores AND brandy is very affordable. Besides that, you will just need your typical bartender tools: a shaker and strainer.





To start, simply muddle the 3 orange slices with the fresh thyme (pull thyme leaves from stems and only use if fresh). Next, add a small teaspoon of raspberry preserves, then add the brandy, lemonade and ice. Now shake all of the ingredients and pour over fresh ice. Top with a citrus flavored beer, stir and garnish with thyme sprigs and orange peel. Serve and enjoy!






Makin' it with Maren: Mixology Made Easy



Makin' it with Maren

by Maren Swanson

June 9th, 2013


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