The Campground Mary: Easy Bloody Mary Recipe


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Camping usually means beer from the cooler or twist off wines, but if you are craving cocktails, then I have an easy Bloody Mary recipe that you won't want to miss: The Campground Mary. With just a few ingredients and a few steps, you are on your way to creating a tasting campground cocktail without all of the fuss.



I recently took a couples camping trip to the Malibu Creek State Park. The area was beautiful. We all hiked, took photos, grilled, swam, played games and told stories by the campfire. But when drinking beer got old, we decided to experiment with some of the stuff we packed and spontaneously mixed a Bloody Mary. However, without the usual Bloody Mary ingredients, we tried a few shortcuts like using pickle juice for added flavor and pickle spears as edible garnishes.


Malibu Creek State Park




Our efforts paid off and the Campground Mary, as we chose to call it, was a success! Next time you go camping, cut out extra baggage and just pack the essentials for making one of the easiest and tastiest Bloody Marys on the trail.



Here's what you'll need:


2oz Vodka
1 1/2oz Pickle Juice (Farmers Garden by Vlasic is great)
V8 Juice (Regular or Low Sodium)
Pepper (Optional)




Fill your plastic cup with ice. Add 2oz (about halfway of glass) of vodka and 1 1/2 oz pickle juice. Then top of your drink with V8 juice. Add optional pepper for additional spice. Garnish and stir with a pickle spear. Serve.



Makin' it with Maren

Makin' it with Maren: Mixology Made Easy

by Maren Swanson

August 5th, 2013


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